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Today, the world is changing rapidly. Unforeseen circumstances, crazy market crashes, crumbling economies, and collapsing health systems are all right in front of our eyes. All of this is happening due to a virus that has been wreaking havoc around the world. Yes, we are talking about the COVID-19 or more commonly known as the Corona Virus. If you are reading this piece, then chances are, you surely would have heard about the devastating impact of this disease. Apart from this you’d be thinking about how to keep your house clean? What is the best disinfectant cleaner for home? Or how can I protect myself and my family? Almost everyone is looking for answers to these questions and we have tried to cover all of this down below.

A Tremendous Impact

There are many aspects to look at when it comes to the corona virus. This virus has hit hard countries such as Italy, USA, Spain, Iran, China, and France. People around the world are in shock. They don’t know how to cope with the deaths of their loved ones or how to protect themselves. Nobody seems invincible now, even those who were bragging about having a good immune system. Yeah, having a good immune system is important but to be honest, keeping it clean is the best protective measure that you can take to keep this virus out of your house and lives.

An Unprecedented Approach

In order to protect yourselves from something unprecedented you need to do something unprecedented. In this case, it’s knowing about the disease. When you know what the virus does or how it gets in your body, you can take more appropriate measures. So let’s learn a bit about this virus.

What is COVID-19?

Covid-19 also known as coronavirus disease 2019 is a disease that is infectious in nature and is caused by SARS COV-2 virus. SARS cov-2 stands for severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2. The first case was reported in Wuhan, China in December of 2019. Since then, this virus has spread rapidly and exponentially. World Health Organization (WHO) characterized it as a pandemic in March 2020.

What’s the Situation now?

As of now, there are approximately 1.8 million cases worldwide. Out of which there are 412,129 recoveries and 110,075 deaths as cited by Worldometer. Covid-19 is a relatively new virus and not much is known about this pathogen but you should know one thing – THIS IS NOT YOUR NORMAL COLD OF FLUE. This virus is highly contagious and deadly. Even if you are young and healthy, it can put you in a hospital bed or even take your life so it’s important to take all the precautionary measures. One of the most important things to do now is SOCIAL DISTANCING i.e. keeping yourselves away from others and not going out unnecessarily.


Here, the role of disinfectant kicks in. Disinfectants are chemicals that are meant to destroy microorganisms. There are many disinfectants out there in the market and there are many types but you should always opt for one that is approved by EPA (environmental protection agency). You should also check whether the disinfectant is safe to use inside your home or not.

Keeping your body and Accessories Clean

Now that you know what to look for, you can easily shop for the disinfectant that goes with it. There are many products out there that come with this composition so you’d not be having problems. If you are looking for best disinfectant wipes, you can always browse through our wipes and sanitizers section to get them. Wipes are important because with it you can also clean your accessories and you should! As it can be one of the most contaminated things.

Keeping the House Clean

Keeping your house clean and disinfected is another job that you’d be looking forward to do in a more focused manner. You don’t need to settle for a particular brand but you should look for a renowned name that promises complete disinfection when buying best household disinfectant. Even if you can’t get your hands on such a product you can also use solutions such as those made with diluted household bleach or those made with at least 70% alcohol. You should also read the products description and complete contact time for effective cleaning.

Disinfecting regularly

One cannot simply underestimate the importance of using disinfectants regularly. You can clean groceries packaging via disinfectant spray, household, daily use products, gadgets, door knobs, points of contact, frequently used accessories, and what not? Basically it can help you protect yourself and your family from this corona virus. Just keep an eye on the description and you’re good to go. It’s essential for you to clean all of the aforementioned things on a daily basis so that you don’t get infected.

Practice good hygiene, keep yourself and your household clean, limit interactions, and don’t go out unnecessarily! We leave you with all these precautions so that you can stay happy and healthy. If you still have any questions you can contact us right away. Till then, Happy Reading!

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