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Is it cough, flu, or something more serious? Amidst a pandemic, even one symptom out of the mentioned few is enough to make people freak out.

You must have been following the news closely if you are someone who was confined to their house amidst this pandemic. This constant bombardment of news surely did change us in some way or another. For some, it made them more aware and cautious but for some it acted like hammer blows coming down on their brain one after another making them feel less secure and more vulnerable.

A mental health pandemic

There is a mental health pandemic raging behind the burning fires of destruction caused by COVID-19 but very few have been able to see it. Self-doubt has made people irritating, afraid, and at times skeptical. This fear is being continuously fed by us when we choose to watch constant tick-o-meters regarding Coronavirus death toll and the people affected.  

Now it’s easy to confuse yourself when you have so much knowledge at hand and no activity at home. Yes, we know you might have been trying to keep yourself busy but for someone who is an avid social media user and loves to watch news, it’s literally impossible to escape the ramifications. These consequences can present themselves in the form of anxiety, over thinking, and false alarms related to health.

Think positive

All of these symptoms along with physical symptoms like cough, fever, or flue can make your life worse and the torment unbearable but hold on because Dettol aims to clear your confusions. First of all you need to keep your mental health in check by exercising regularly and proportionately.

Keep your head clear

Binge watching TV series is not entertainment so if you have little room to yourself, make sure you are exercising. It doesn’t matter what sort of exercise but just get your heart racing so that blood circulation reaches your extremities helping you clear redundant thoughts out of your head. Exercising also alleviates your mood by releasing happy hormones, so it’s a win-win situation for your mind and your body.

Stay informed

Next step would be to stay informed. Yes, you read that right. You might be thinking how much more do I need to stay informed? Well, you need to know the symptoms and differences because half knowledge is always dangerous.

You also need to keep an eye out for right hygiene products such as disinfectant cleaner. Using wrong product within your house is also dangerous for your health and for the house too.

When it comes to the common cold, symptoms can almost be the same like fever, flu, cough, bodyache, and some other indications but there lies a prominent difference in severity.

Understanding differences

With COVID 19 an increased severity has been recorded with these symptoms. You can most prominently experience shortness of breath throughout your disease which might worsen or subside with time.

With flu and cold, chances of this particular symptom are very less. Another thing to notice is bodyache. If you are affected by COVID you might experience severe body ache along with soaring temperatures unlike flu and cold.

Another important feature is dry cough because of COVID. Almost all of the symptomatic individuals reported dry cough which is not a common feature in cold or flu. Productive cough i.e. cough with sputum or phlegm is more common if you are affected by the cold or flu. Sneezing repeatedly is also associated commonly with cold, allergies and not Coronavirus.

A large number of people also reported that they experienced gastrointestinal disturbance when affected by COVID. For some, this GI disturbance continued on for months. Though, loss of smell is often noted in viruses affecting the upper respiratory tract but with COVID, it has been a clearer indicator.

Act smartly

Now you know how to map out your symptoms. However, you should isolate yourself at the first sign of any of these symptoms because you can’t surely say what has affected you, is it the rhinovirus or the coronavirus or some bacterial infection? To be safe side, just isolate yourself and then watch yourself.

If your symptoms are worsening just get yourself tested right away so that you don’t spread the virus to others.  No matter its cough, flu, or allergies you need to maintain social distancing. One more thing, if you are allergic to dust or suffer from sinusitis often, you might also experience any of these symptoms so it’s best to get tested right away.

Last but not the least ensure proper hand hygiene by washing hands with bar soap and water for 20 seconds or you can always use Dettol hand sanitizer when there is no water available.

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