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noneDesinfection of Children's Toys

Covid-19: Cleaning and disinfecting your baby's everyday items

Keeping up with your baby’s needs throughout the day needs flawless planning and meticulous execution, for one doesn’t know what might tick the tantrum bomb

It doesn’t matter at what stage of parenting you are, contentment and happiness are only achievable if your child is happy and healthy and this you can make happen by ensuring adequate care taking. There are a lot of things that are in daily use of your baby, sometimes so many that you’d have to maintain a list and we sure know that keeping them clean throughout the day is one of the hardest things that you have to do.

With the coronavirus also known as Covid-19 cases again on the rise, throughout the region and you trying to take care of your little ones, nothing below than being a clean freak would do. Though you are on your toes 24 hours of the day but make no mistake because unseen bacteria and viruses are also working tirelessly to get to you and your family.

To prevent the spread of these germs you need to properly disinfect all those objects that get high audience around the house by using products such as Dettol spray or other disinfectant wipes. However, if you can’t get your hands on the desired product there’s no need to frown over it because soap, running water, and vigorous scrubbing is perfect for killing germs present on different items.

Disinfecting toys

With a baby in your house, a lot of things change and so do the cleaning parameters and if you are new at the job then don’t worry because everybody has got to start somewhere.

Disinfecting plastic toys is not as problematic as it seems for you can easily utilize the soap and water solution or a cleaning solution to effectively clean and with plush toys, a gentle cycle in the washing machine will do. As far as recommendations go, it is recommended by center for disease control and prevention to utilize the warmest water available while washing such toys. However, a good practice is to keep an eye on the instructions manual.

Cleaning baby gear

Those items that are made out of fabric such as activity mat, baby bouncer seat, or the insert on the stroller, might not be as hard to clean as you’d expect and a good wash inside the washing machine is enough to clean them right away.

For baby gear made out of plastic, again the general recommendation is to scrub with a soap and water solution or one can always take the action outside and hose down every item. Even after all this, if uncertainty isn’t going anywhere then you can always use a baby safe disinfectant spray or a powered down bleach solution.

Cleaning pacifiers and strollers

When it comes to cleaning pacifiers and teething toys then boiling them in hot water or using a bottle sterilizer is the best that you could do. Additionally, tossing them in the dishwasher might also cover all the remaining aspects, effectively.

For strollers, you shouldn’t look further than disinfecting wipes because handles on the stroller are covered with germs and more than often, one misses this germ hotspot while cleaning. Using a recommended disinfecting wipe is easy, fast, and secure as it kills 99.9% of germs and helps protect your family, instantly.

Cleaning baby bedding and disinfecting bottles and cups

Disinfecting baby bedding and clothes shouldn’t be any different from that of the other house members as there are no extraordinary requirements. You don’t need to separate household laundry from these items, just let them go into the wash with warm water. However, frequent change of baby bedding is necessary as it can get dirty due to spit up and diaper leaks.

As for surfaces around the house, a disinfectant spray approved by environmental protection agency (EPA) or a relevant disinfecting solution is enough but always assure that you know the instructions on the back label. Other baby spoons, cups, plates, and bottle parts should be cleaned via dishwasher and in an intermittent matter, as you don’t want any germ build up on things that can become highly contagious quickly.

An erroneous judgment on your part can prove to be fatal for your young ones as an incompletely developed immune system can’t ward off all sorts of bacteria and viruses. Additionally, feeding your baby with unclean spoons and bottles is completely unhygienic and a strict check on all these cleaning activities is indispensable to maintaining the safety bubble around your baby and other family members.

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