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Shower vs. Bath: which is better for your health?

Shower or a Bath? Which body cleaning method is better for your health? In this article, we will discuss both options.

Showers and baths are essential for hygienic and healthy skin. But which of them is more efficient, ideal, and better for your health, especially for preventing various diseases and infections

While baths are great for some specific purposes, showers are better for others. Your desired body cleaning method will depend on what you’re looking for.

Taking a bath is relaxing and luxurious, but the thought of sitting in a tub full of germs turned many against this body cleaning method. 

Similarly, taking showers regularly before getting into bed seems like an excellent way to wash away all the dirt, germs, and bacteria accumulated during the day but is taking a bath really getting you clean?

This article will determine which is better for your health, showering or bathing, by listing their pros and cons.  

Benefits of taking a shower

Apart from being time-efficient and stress-relieving, here are some of the most common benefits of showering. 

  • Showers are perfect if you wish to reduce tension and improve blood circulation. In addition, you can also calm itchy skin while taking a cold shower, along with staying fresh in the summer.  

  • Warm showers help relieve muscle tension, reduce headaches, and offer comfort for anxiety. 

  • Water pressure can help you relax as it massages your skin. 

  • Showering allows you to remove dirt, germs, bacteria, and skin oils using antibacterial soap or body wash

  • A shower can be ideal if you need to wash quickly or have a limited water supply. 

Just as a shower and bath are necessary to protect you against germs, bacteria, and skin infections, you must follow some handwashing steps for a healthy life

Cons of taking a shower

Aside from the risk of slipping, here are some cons of showering. 

  • Usually, showering involves a lot of standing. However, showering could be difficult if you are going through a health condition that makes standing hard for you. 

  • The water pressure will dictate how pleasant your showering experience is. Conversely, low pressure will surely make your showering experience less than desirable. 

  • You must have witnessed foggy mist across your mirror post-shower. One issue with warm showers is that you often create a steam room in your bathroom. For people experiencing a medical condition, this can be irritating sometimes.  

Your showering experience will only be as pleasant as the cleanliness of your bathroom. Follow these basic bathroom hygiene practices to help you and your family remain safe from infections. 

Benefits of taking a bath

Looking for a bit of me-time, a way to relax after a hectic work day, or simply getting clean. There are many reasons for you to fill your bathtub right now, including: 

  • Baths are a great way to help treat different types of skin conditions. However, don’t start thinking of them as a cure. 

  • The antibacterial body wash, most commonly used during baths, is one of the best ways to get the most luxurious lather that helps in skin treatment without stripping away the protective layer of your skin. 

  • Like showers, baths are also one of the best ways to relax and relieve pent-up stress. 

  • Taking a bath at the end of the day and before bed helps your body relax and regulate its temperature. 

Note: This does not apply to everyone, as some people are more active after a bath. 

  • Warm water baths open up your blood vessels, allowing the blood to move more freely and lowering blood pressure. 

Cons of taking a bath

Soaking in a bathtub might seem like a perfect end to a weekday, but every coin has two sides. So here are some cons of taking a bath:

  • When taking a bath, you could be soaking in the dirt particles that were present on your body a few moments ago. Instead, taking a quick shower before entering the tub is the best way to keep your bathing experience as clean as possible. 

  • Using bath salts, bombs, or soaps in your tub can affect your body’s pH level. This can ultimately result in getting infected by yeast infections (bacterial vaginosis) or other vaginal irritation. Solution? Only use an antibacterial body wash that consists of a pH-balanced formula. 

  • The longer you spend in the bathtub, the chances of your skin losing its natural oils increases. This is because they can come off the body while relaxing in the tub and aren’t good for your skin. 

So, which is better for your health?

Bathing or showering is essential for good hygiene and is considered a primary way to avoid infectious diseases

If you are looking for relaxation, to ease fatigue, and treating chronic pain, then go with a nice, warm, and long bath. A shower might be the best option for efficient daily cleansing and boosting the immune system. 

In short, it comes down to your hygiene priorities, preferences, and time. Because whichever body cleaning method you choose, you’d only be doing good for your body.

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