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The unavoidable chore of taking a shower daily is nothing more than a self-imposed routine task and might not be as indispensable to your hygiene as you think. The semblance of this widely spread fact needs to be thought of as a distinctive obsession which is in itself a result of contemporary manipulation. Yes, our subconscious might have been fed with unreal facts by repetitive branding and this is why we now need a plain smack at the back of our heads to wake us up from this spiral pattern. We strongly believe that there is no escaping the all-day grime buildup on our skins without showering with a bar soap but quite the contrary might be true.

An esteemed dermatologist practicing as a medical director for years was of the opinion that about 80% of bacteria and others germs that might cause odors are easily knocked off by just bathing with water.

Discovering the truth

So, what is the truth? Do we really don’t need to shower daily or we do need to shower but there’s no need to spritz shower gel on us again and again? Questions like these challenge the very integrity of our daily lives and make us question our own self. Well, it isn’t as easy as it appears – in order to make up your mind you need to understand the pertinent basics without focusing on redundant details.  

Many around the globe are now arguing that using soap regularly does more harm than good and that not bathing daily isn’t going to turn the world exactly upside down. To support this claim they reason with a hypothesis that good bacteria present on skin will do the natural job of cleaning skin and tackling odor.

What do experts think?

Though experts as stated before, may agree with this thought process on some level but they also believe that a small amount of bacteria don’t go away on their own making previous claim inconsequential. Out of the small amount of bacteria that stay, many will proliferate and multiply in warm, dark, and humid body areas such as armpits, under breast, and groin breaking up sweat and causing unpleasant smell. Culmination of bacteria in places like this might also lead to unfavorable consequences such as an itch or a rash.

While one might think of this percentage of error as a considerable one, many who advocate the idea of using less shower gel think it’s negligible. So this trend is not going anywhere anytime soon. And above all, people are free to practice what they believe in however consequences should be accounted for in a systemic manner.

Simplifying the process

This doesn’t imply that people are going completely off the grid when it comes to bathing it is just like a short term break or simplification of the whole daily scrubbing process that has to be done 7 days a week. Someone who works at a court and sits on a desk all day is probably not getting bombarded with filth all day and all he/she might need to knock off the grime is a good old scrub with hands.

Researchers are also of the view that washing with soap is a personal choice for men and women. If someone is looking for the best soap for men, it’s his choice and shouldn’t be taken wrong in any way even if someone is a strong advocate of using body wash. Just like this example, if someone is not getting exposed to tons of filth daily and meticulously treads their way throughout the day, chances are he/she might not even need daily scrubbing and might not be completely wrong if he/she decides to part ways with the normal trend of using soap daily.

There is a multitude of factors that governs or one can say dictates the choice to showering with soap daily such as genetics, your dressing, and of course age. For someone who is wearing a more breathable fabric, body odor won’t be that much of a problem as compared to one who wears a fabric that doesn’t let the air pass. On top of all this, physiology of human body also varies; some people have more active sweat glands and tend to sweat more so it’s only natural of them to bath more.

People might still think but why would anyone want to trade the modern cleverly thought hygienic method for one that reeks of stone age? The answer is simple. While modern alternatives might help us keep our body clean, their overuse is adding to skin irritation and damage for some. And why should we do something that is not beneficial for us?

Well, it’s neither damaging nor causes irritation for all. If anything, bathing daily with a good soap protects us from different bacteria and viruses that just won’t die by washing with water. In the end, it’s a personal choice but it is highly recommended by authorities to maintain utmost hygiene to protect yourself and those around you from germs lurking everywhere.

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