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How to clean those dirty, often overlooked spots in your kitchen

Your kitchen is often the busiest portion of your house with frequent visits from every family member multiple times in a day. Uninvited guests such as your pets also roam around the counters and run across the slabs, whenever they can. You do your best to keep your kitchen clean but still there are some spots that hide in plain sight and are often left unattended. These spots can not only harbour dirt or mud but can also be home to germs. If you are rolling your sleeves up to clean these spots, then slow down because sometimes you might not even know. You might be thinking that are we talking about microwave, oven, or counters but no, we are not. These are the spots that you know but we are going to tell you about those that skip your eyes, normally. There are a ton of kitchen cleaning products that are effective at cleaning your kitchen but the problem is, you need to know where to clean. Here’s where to look at:

The grease Filters

If you clean thoroughly and in the right manner, then these grease filters will last a lifetime. It also depends on what type of cooking are you doing. However, the general recommendation is to clean the filters once a month. You can read the instruction manual for the removal process. They usually throw in some cleaning tips too so make sure to read properly. Moreover, you can use a mix of hot water and soap to get the job done. Soak and swish them in this mix and then brush thoroughly, if required. Using baking soda also gets these cleaned nicely. There are some filters that are dishwasher safe but still you might see discoloration.

The matt Underneath

Your matt underneath the dish rack tolerates a lot. There are always plates and other utensils hanging. We make sure to clean the top every now and then but do we ever pay attention to the matt underneath? If you can, then use the dishwasher for a thorough clean but if you can’t then go old school by scrubbing it in the sink. It’s very easy to overlook this spot therefore give it the desired attention whenever you can.

Beneath the produce drawers

These drawers are usually at the bottom of the refrigerator and that’s why the entire spill goes there. We also don’t tend to notice as the surface beneath is covered by the transparent drawers filled with produce. It’s important to take out all the drawers all the way through and then use a multipurpose cleaner. When you are done with the cleaner then use the hard sponge side to give a good scrub until any unwanted add-on can’t be seen. While you are at it, give a hand or two to the drawers too so that you don’t have to make excess cleaning trips.

Under your Cabinets

Usually, the lower kitchen cabinets are over hanging above the floor and there is a little space right there. This is where crumbs and anything minor or small food particles love to take a nap. When you vacuum or clean, you might think that there is nothing left there but the truth is that if your tools are not a right fit for that tight space then the place can be grimy.

In between Stove and Counters

Cooking food is an art in itself but cleaning after requires expertise too. When you are cooking, spills and splatters can find their way in the gullies on the side of the stove, which in turn can lead to bad odour or even cause infestations. You can always use a microfiber towel with an authorized kitchen cleaner. Use both hands simultaneously to clean the sides in one go. Look with a flashlight to see if there’s anything left. If needed, run the cloth again but this time secure it with a rubber band so that you can reach tight spaces easily.

So, these are some of the tight spots that you need to look out for. Leaving them unattended can turn out to be a problem, later on. When it comes to cleaning kitchens, make sure to use a cleaner that goes with your surfaces aptly. You don’t want to ruin your surfaces by doing otherwise.

If you still have any questions, then feel free to contact us. We’ll be more than happy to help you.

Reminder: “By washing hands with soap and water, we can stop the spread of COVID-19 and this is why it’s our duty to do so, responsibly”

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