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noneStop making these personal hygiene mistakes - Food hygiene rules to live by

Stop making these personal hygiene mistakes - Food hygiene rules to live by

We are all well acquainted with the basics of personal hygiene and most of us, if not all, consider it a pretty important part of our lives. Since our childhood we have been taught to wash hands with a bar soap and shower before starting our day but it isn’t always that easy – there are some rules to follow and some advice to heed upon.

One can, without even realizing, make mistakes when it comes to observing personal hygiene in the long run. You could, for starters, think that you need to shampoo your hair everyday while it may not be the case all together or you might believe that bathing regularly damages your skin. There can be lots of ifs and buts but when it comes to tackling germs you don’t need to dawdle over the matter, rather hurry up and adopt what’s important. Identification of these personal hygiene mistakes can assist us in making informed decisions pertinent to our health and aid in protecting our beauty too. 

Understanding transmission

Our hands are probably the dirtiest area on our body because of all the work we do and interaction we carry out. Therefore you need to be extra careful while resting your face in your hands because that is what we do throughout the day at work and at home, without even knowing.

Once we touch an object where germs have already established their authority, microbes latch onto our hands and because we can’t see them, we keep on touching other surfaces and our face unintentionally helping the disease spread. For beginners, these germs can cause pimples and zits on our skin – which surely isn’t a pretty thing to wake up to first thing in the morning.

Gym Blunders

A good idea is to keep a recommended hand sanitizer with you and use it frequently, throughout the day. This way you’d stay safe from unknown germ attacks. This is important as we do the same while we crazily bench press or deadlift at the gym. We wipe sweat off our faces from the same hands that we used to pick dumbbells without understanding the avoidable circumstances that might haunt us later on.

Don’t take scalding hot showers

You might love a hot shower first thing when you return home after having a tiring day at work but hold your horses because this might be dangerous for you. Very hot water might open up pores on your skin making you vulnerable to accumulation of dirt and mud from the surrounding atmosphere. Additionally, these open pores also promote water loss making your skin dry and prone to irritation. Therefore, you might want to tread lightly while dealing with the temperature control and try settling in for just a warm bath.

Also while you are at it, make sure that you are using appropriate bathroom cleaners to clean up after you because sticky bathroom tiles can offer a lot of space for germ proliferation.

Don’t wait up to apply lotion

When you are late for work, you jump in and out the shower and then gallop towards the subway. While you are doing so, you often forget to apply lotion after showering and think that afternoon would be a good time to apply some moisture. However, that’s not entirely true. When you rush to work with a dry skin you let all the moisture escape from your body that it caught during the shower and this is why you need to clock yourself in a better manner so that you have ample time on your hands to take care of your skin.

Bathing too much

You might end up with a deteriorating skin if you are scrubbing yourself obsessively every day in shower without considering whether you need to do so or not. There’s no harm in reducing your body odour “Not bathing daily” is an idea that sits on the nether end of the hygiene road but bathing multiple times in a single day without reason is a dangerous idiosyncrasy, the latter one being more harmful. Studies suggest that disruption of normal flora and resultant skin irritation was markedly evident in people who over scrubbed their skin while bathing. There are good microorganisms within your body too and you don’t want to bomb their shelter by irritating your epidermal layer.

So, this is all about understanding and stopping personal hygiene mistakes that can cost us more than just our hygiene.  If you still have any confusion, feel free to contact us right away. We’ll be more than happy to help you out.

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