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Antibacterial wipes aren’t just for disinfecting and sanitizing surfaces; they are very versatile and can be used in a whole host of different ways. To help you realize their true potential, we’ve put together this list of different ways you can use them. Who knows? You may be surprised at how convenient they can be. 

Different ways to use antibacterial wipes

The beauty of antibacterial wet wipes is that they can be used in a variety of ways to protect you and your family from harmful germs and viruses. Here are some unique ways you can use them, whether at home or on-the-go: get the most out of your Dettol wipes.

Improve personal hygiene

Have you heard about antibacterial skin wipes? Dettol Skincare Wipes are safe to use on the hands and neck. They’re alcohol-free and gentle on your skin, making them a good addition to your personal care supply. 

Use antibacterial wipes to clean the kitchen and bathroom

There are thousands of germs lurking in your kitchen and bathroom, so regular cleaning is important. Having antibacterial surface wipes to hand will make it easier to give things a wipe down and quick clean in-between thorough cleaning routines. In the kitchen and bathroom, use antibacterial wipes to:

  • Clean surfaces. Wipe down the counters, cupboard doors, and germ-ridden areas quickly. Disinfecting surfaces is important to ensure your home looks spotless and is free of harmful bacteria. 
  • Clean appliances. Wipe inside the refrigerator, microwave, oven, and all other kitchen appliances that can gather dust, dirt, and grime. Don’t forget the smaller appliances, like the coffee machine, too. 
  • Wipe the trash can. Garbage bags don’t always stop food bits, stains and leaks. Give your trash can a wipe down with an antibacterial wet wipe to stop harmful bacteria and get rid of nasty smells.


<H3>Tidy up your home

It’s not just about the kitchen and bathroom; there are many other areas of the home that are prone to bacteria. The great thing about antibacterial wipes is that they can be used to clean all areas and objects in your home, including:

  • Furniture. Banish dust on various surfaces, from coffee tables and bookshelves, to side tables and window ledges. 

  • Light switches and door handles. Remove germs from heavily-touched areas using antibacterial wipes. 

  • Stained items. Accidents happen, particularly with young children around. Before cleaning properly, remove the top layer of stains using a wet wipe.  

  • Toys. Prevent germs from harming your little one by wiping down toys often.
  • Electronic devices. Mobile phones and tablets are hotbeds for bacteria. You can wipe screens to remove germs.

  • Remote controls. Another example of a high-touch area in the home. Clean your remote controls with antibacterial wipes easily.

  • Muddy shoes and trainers. Get rid of outdoor mess before it spreads in your home by wiping muddy shoes with antibacterial wipes.

  • Desks. Working from home? Give your office a freshen up and remove germs from your work desk in one swipe. 

<H3>Clean the car using antibacterial wipes

Keeping a packet of Dettol antibacterial wipes in your car’s glove compartment is a great way to tackle any unexpected messes or maintain the cleanliness of your car interior. Here are some ways you can use wipes in your car:

  • Wipe the dashboard. Remove any dust or unwanted germs from your car dashboard quickly. 

  • Clean your steering wheel. One of the most touched areas in your car, so it needs to be cleaned regularly. An antibacterial wipe will do the job. 

  • Clean your hands. Fueling up or pumping up your tires can add grease and oil to your hands, so having antibacterial wet wipes is a great way to stay clean.

  • Cleaning up messes. When traveling with food and drink, particularly with kids in the car, spillages can happen. The wipes will help you to clean them immediately to prevent stains and nasty smells.

<H3>Protect your health while traveling

Travel hygiene is important, particularly when you’re vacationing with young children who can pick up viruses very easily. Keeping antibacterial wet wipes handy in your travel bag is important to protecting your health whilst out and about. Use them to:

  • Wipe down airplane surfaces. From seats, to tray tables, airplanes are confined spaces filled with potentially harmful bacteria.
  • Keep your hands clean, wherever you are. Whether flying in the air, traveling on a public bus or cruising on a ship, keep your hands free of germs using antibacterial wipes. 
  • Wash yourself. When a shower isn’t an option, during a camping trip for example, wet wipes can be used to wash and freshen up.

<H3>Clean up after yourself at the gym

A pack of Dettol antibacterial wipes should always be in your gym bag. They will always be helpful and can be used in a variety of different ways to:

  • Wipe down equipment. Whether you’re using the treadmill, elliptical machine, bike, or free weights, a quick wipe down before and after use will prevent bacteria from spreading. 
  • Clean sweat off your hands and neck. Perfect during or after a hard training session to feel fresh again. This is particularly handy if you can’t shower straight away. 

<H2>Our range of Dettol antibacterial wipes

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