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Yes, it’s exciting to pack bags before heading out to explore your favorite places but have you thought about proper hygiene measures?

Are you super excited for your next fun trip to Bahamas but fear that germs might take away the best of your vacations? Well, if your answer is yes then we have got just the right instructions for you. Microorganisms are everywhere around us and the fact that they can’t be seen with naked eye, makes the threat more dangerous. Whether you opting to go for zip lining, want to take a hike up the “jebel jais”, or are looking for some old fashioned camping in desert, you need to prepare yourself beforehand especially if your destination is someplace abroad.

Even full blown pandemics have been in some way or another linked to the risk of travelling so it’s not like there is everything good about roaming around the world without taking hygienic measures into account.  Viruses such as SARS-COV 2 (Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2) which has been recently characterized as a pandemic and H1N1 also known as swine flu characterized as an epidemic in recent past have been indeed carried by some passengers who never thought virus and bacteria can travel with you too.

Centers for disease control and prevention cdc recommends washing hands with bar soap and water for 20 seconds and same is the advice given by World Health Organization (WHO). More or less all authorities around the globe believe and preach that in order to prevent the spread of germs; the world needs to take immediate and calculated chances.

Hand hygiene

So hands down, hand hygiene is the first step that you need to focus. Neither can you dawdle over this matter nor convince yourself otherwise because it often happens while we are on a stargazing, jaw-dropping, eye-catching trip that we forget to consider this perspective. 

Whether you are trying new cuisines, experiencing new delicacies, or filming extraordinary sunsets, carry a hand sanitizer with you. It’s not that hard to carry and keeps your hands clean and free of microorganisms lurking around you. You might be called quirky for paying too much attention to hygiene but then again, isn’t our health and that of your loved ones worth it?

Clean surfaces

Whenever you enter a hotel, lobby, or an inn give the place a quick scan before settling in because a furtive glance at the surroundings can tell you a lot about the level of hygiene maintenance that you are going to come across during your stay.

Doorknobs, hand rails, jugs, table drawers, window handles are all areas that should be focused upon by the management and if they aren’t then you should ask the staff to clean them for you. These are identified as high audience areas and can serve as germ hotspots throughout your stay. In order to prevent the spread of germs, wipe these surfaces with antibacterial wipes as you go around the room. It won’t take much of your time but will surely protect you from unseen dangers.

Take a good diet

Whenever you are travelling, wonders of the universe often make you forget what you are putting into your body and ingesting uncooked or unhealthy food can lead to unwanted gastroenteral diseases and you can no longer keep your immune system healthy that’s why in order to avoid such ramifications, always make sure that you are eating properly cooked food full of nutrition and vitamins.

Get Vaccinated

Recently, outbreaks have been heavily attributed to travelling and passengers who are moving to foreign countries are now asked to take up certain precautions. There are certain countries around the world that are still fighting particular diseases that have been eradicated from rest of the globe but are still prevalent there. Therefore such countries require vaccination proofs and it’s good for you to know the prerequisites rather than getting into health trouble once you have landed there.

Stay active

Don’t be sluggish even on your resting day, head out and bask in the sun to get some vitamin D into your body. Run a lap or go for a swim, do what you need to do to break a sweat. This helps your blood circulation and blood running into your extremities will keep you fit and healthy throughout your trip.

So these are some of the travel hygiene things that you need to look out for while you are unearthing the secrets of this marvelous earth. Still if you have any questions, feel free to ask us right away. We’ll be more than happy to fill you in on the travel hygiene requirements.

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