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Not all heroes wear capes but they do wear masks and wash hands

The economic impact of this pandemic has been a crushing stone for many and corporations around the globe are finding it difficult to survive. For their employees, many have chosen the option of letting go and others are considering it. As if this wasn’t enough, authorities predict that majority of the population will get the virus, no matter what. Health experts claim that the Covid-19 won’t be out of our lives in a New York minute and to top it off, people involved with vaccine development have hinted towards a long wait before anything useful comes out. Here, a question comes to mind – if the outlook is a bleaker one then why are the governments lifting lockdowns? The answer is: for economic reasons.

Hunger and Poverty could be more dangerous

Experts fear that hunger and poverty could do more damage than the virus itself and therefore lifting lockdowns is indispensible to saving economies. Well, what should be done must be done and to be honest there’s no way around it. However, what does this mean for the general population? How do we manage this? The answer is simple, by protecting ourselves.

Is it that hard?

Now that it is established that we have to protect ourselves, the question is how? Do we all wear apocalypse masks while we commute to work or do we bubble wrap ourselves while walking outside? Naah – it doesn’t have to be that difficult. The solution lies in washing hands frequently with an antibacterial bar soap and practicing good personal hygiene. This is step number one and one of the most important steps to help us live with this pandemic.

It’s your turn to be a hero

Not only the doctors and health care workers are heroes but you can be one too. The math is simple on this one – saving lives! If you practice social distancing and take good hygiene measures, you’d not only be saving your life but you’d curb the spread of virus and stop it from reaching to more vulnerable people. People who are older than 65 and with co-morbidities like diabetes, hypertension, and a compromised immune system are the ones who are most susceptible to this disease. So this time, your decisions will have consequences – you can’t blame this on anyone; not your government and surely not your superiors!

Workplace Regulations

For workplaces, your government must have issued standard operating procedures (SOPs). These SOPs will guide you on how to work and keep yourself safe. Different offices have different set of regulations but the basic motive rules all – social distancing and good hygiene. Wearing masks is good enough – even those made out of cloth.

Your mask protects them and their mask protects you

Washing hands with soap and water might not be feasible for all after every interaction. For those of you who’ll be frequently touching objects, instant hand sanitizer is a good alternative. Sanitize your hands every now and then for clean hands and better peace of mind. Yeah, you can’t see the virus but sanitizer will clean it out so you can go about your work with a peaceful mind. Above all, don’t shake hands or hug each other and it’s better to stay away from that water dispenser chat for some time, at least.

What to do after coming home?

Of course, coming home back to your loved ones won’t be the same but taking precautions is worth it. Change your shoes right away, discard your mask and gloves, put your keys, phone, and glasses in a place where they can be sprayed with a disinfectant spray. Hang your clothes outside and wash your hands after each of these steps. Remember, washing hands is the key to playing it safe.

Go and have a bath with an antibacterial shower gel and wash off any dirt and germs that might have come home with you, unnoticed. You might want to take a hot shower as hot water helps you to relax and fight germs, simultaneously. Now that you are done with your bath, you can go and meet your family. It’s difficult to practice this routine daily but it’s definitely important to keep your family safe.

More Trips Outside – More Germs Inside

We all know, once the lockdown lifts, you’d be going out comparatively more than before. More trips outside mean more germs inside but it doesn’t have to be this way. You can clean your floor with Dettol floor cleaners for maximum safety from germs. On top of all this, whoever comes home from outside should follow the procedure mentioned above.

Times are tough and things aren’t easy but taking all these precautions and following SOPs can help us get through this. Facing difficulties and standing up to our problems helps us become better and stronger. Lockdown will be lifted sooner or later but it doesn’t mean that you should loosen up too. Follow all advice strictly and keep it clean!

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