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Will life get back to normal as we are expecting or will this be a different scenario?

Yes! You heard it right. Although this pandemic is far from over but businesses around the world are opening up. To be honest, lockdowns came with a financial blow which, according to experts, might take years to equate and though the boat is far from safety, it has become necessary to get back to work. For many of us the world stopped 4 months ago when we heard of this killer novel virus. Many around us didn’t even think that it would affect them, but 4 months and countless casualties later, they have come to know that this pandemic is a reality and a pretty harsh one.

It’s not all bad…

Your boss might have called you back after months to reach office on Monday but you are scared to do so. Why? Because you know that there is a virus out there and it is life threatening. However, you should know that if you practice social distancing and good hygiene, chances of you getting the virus drop drastically. Moreover, things have been tough for most of us and there’s no way out of this financial backdrop other than going to work. Well, if you must then there are certain things that you should know before you head out.

We are not saying that there is no risk in going out but you have to understand the risk and the solutions. One thing is established, we have to live with this virus. Knowing this makes it relatively easy to understand what needs to be done.

Your best defence

Taking precautions and practicing hand hygiene is your best defence against this virus. When you are back to work, try not to get too close with your work colleagues. World health Organization recommends staying at least 6 feet apart. We know that this might not be possible in closed spaces but you should ask your management to make it possible. Unprecedented times demand inventive solutions, so make sure that you follow this.

Wear, Wash & Wipe

Wearing a mask is equally important. When you wear a mask, chances of you infecting someone or someone infecting you go down. Breathing the same air as that of an infected person is a risk factor but wearing a mask somewhat saves you. Studies suggest that the droplets may remain suspended in the air for a period of 3 hours. Although new studies are rolling out every day but think about it when you are leaving your mask at home. Also, try to wipe down the objects on your table with antiseptic hand wipes every morning for two reasons. One, it would kill all the germs and two; it would give you peace of mind.

If you are going to the supermarket or if you work at the super market, you have to be extra cautious. You don’t need to greet every one you know and shaking hands is a big no! So wave to them from a distance and you are good. You might use gloves in order to protect your hands but you have to be very careful of what you touch. Cross infection is a real thing and gloves are a risk. Instead try using a hand sanitizer after every time you touch a surface. However, the best defence is to wash hands with a bar soap. We know it’s not possible to touch every product in an aisle and then wash hands for 20 seconds every time so just be careful to not touch your face while you are picking and putting things and after you are done, wash hands.

Keeping it clean is one of the few things that should be highly focused when it comes to protecting yourself or your loved ones. Before the start of each day, every surface in your workplace should be cleaned with multipurpose cleaners.  Though its one additional task but it’s not that difficult when you think this would save lives. As a part of your new life during and after the pandemic, these advices have to be followed strictly.  Either it’s a school, your office, or your home, disinfecting things and surfaces is highly recommended.

Don’t lose hope

Who knows what we might have to see in upcoming days so don’t let your guard down. Keep on practicing these measures and you’d be thanking yourself later on. What we are fighting is an unseen enemy and it becomes difficult to fight when you can’t see the enemy, therefore assume that once you go out, the virus is everywhere. Assuming this helps us to be ready all the time. Don’t think twice when it comes to washing hands and wearing masks. These are some of the risks and solutions that you should understand before you head out to work. Although things don’t seem so bright for now but always know that there is light at the end of the tunnel… so keep on hoping!

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