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Schools are reopening and people are returning to work but have we learned our lessons? What is the next step?

Circumstances have not been kind for economies around the globe in the wake of the pandemic aka COVID-19. Powerful and giant economies reported unpredictable losses, all at the same time. As the World moves deeper into the pandemic, unprecedented changes are being seen. For countries in the middle east like the rest of the world, it has not been exactly a good year.

War torn countries like Syria, Iraq and other third world countries share the same fate. Though the story has not been a really different one with the United Arab Emirates (UAE), one of the first countries in the middle east to report COVID-19 cases, government measures helped them return to normal sooner than expected.

A busy few months

It has been a busy few months for those involved with public health in the UAE and with the cases now going down, government is now planning to ease up restrictions and reopen businesses. This really doesn’t mean that COVID-19 has left UAE for good and that there are no cases. One should know that the country is still reporting cases, only fewer.

You should not get ahead of yourself when it comes to losing facemasks and stop practicing hand hygiene. Recently, there was a surge in COVID-19 cases. The country reported 136 cases after a long break. The government officials urged the public to stay at homes and avoid social or unnecessary gatherings.

Is it safe to go out?

People around the globe have been asking the same question, is it really safe to go out again? Can we go and meet our friends now? No one can give a certain answer to this question but one thing is clear, this pandemic is not leaving us anytime soon. There are many options out there for us to go and enjoy but with precautions. We really don’t want to give the virus a chance to have an open season on humans by crowding up in small spaces. Using a disinfectant cleaner frequently to clean the premises is a good option to stay safe.

Don’t let your guard down

Life is not going to stop and people are still going to go to offices and maybe socialize but there is a new normal - One has to do everything but with a certain distance. You can’t shake hands, you shouldn’t hug each other and must always maintain a distance of 6 feet, no matter where you go. Wearing a mask is also mandatory in public places. Cleaning and disinfection is not out of the window yet. If you don’t have access to soap and water, then you should always use a hand sanitizer to keep your hands clean. Make sure that you are using a sanitizer that has 70% ethyl alcohol in it.

Tracing contacts

Government is busy tracing contacts and doing smart testing. Till the start of august 2020, approximately 6 million tests had been conducted in UAE. The recovery ratio is good and if the virus can’t find a host to feed upon, then it’s gone. The idea is to curb the spread by taking all these measures.

A long break for Students

After a long break, there’s a go-ahead for reopening of schools in the month of September. Standard operating procedures have been defined and the officials are busy devising strong policies for return to school. There will be two shifts and students will have to sit one meter apart, when in class. There will be no assembly or any other sort of gatherings. All other athletic activities will remain suspended too. Schools will be sanitized and utmost hygiene will be maintained. There will be no more than 17 students per class.

Is this really it?

For parents, this might still be a tough decision to make especially when they know that the threat is not completely over. At home, one can use disinfectant spray on things coming from outside but will the students follow the same routine when going out? Will they be as vigilant as the parents? Of course not. So here, people are still sitting on the fence and making a choice is not as easy as it sounds.

No matter what, things are going to take a turn and you’ll have to go out. Our best bet at safety is to take all precautions and using solutions such as Dettol liquid to ensure utmost hygiene, all day around. The aftermath is not a pretty one but still, it’s a good one.

Until a vaccine rolls out, one has no option but to strictly adhere to all the rules and regulations. So stay safe and stay healthy. Maintain social distancing at all times. Center for disease control and prevention CDC recommends washing hands for 20 seconds with soap and water.

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