5 Times You Should Never Use Antibacterial Wipes

5 Times You Should Never Use Antibacterial Wipes

Antibacterial wipes seem like an easy fix for short-on-time cleaners but can these be used everywhere?

If you are living your life in the fast lane then you would be habitual of getting things done in a quick manner but is it always necessary? Faster alternatives do make our lives easier but we have to be the judge of where should we step on the accelerator and where to pump brakes. When it comes to cleaning and disinfecting, antibacterial wipes seem like the ultimate solution and to be honest, yes! These work nicely but do you know when to not use these wipes? With the rise of covid-19 cases across different countries, people are now paying more attention towards cleaning and usually make a dash for the cleaning aisle in malls, whenever they can. However, it’s not really necessary to do this. You don’t need to stock up like crazy. Yes, practicing hygiene and cleaning is important but thinking smartly can get the job done in fewer resources too.

Don’t use on children’s toys

Using these wipes on children’s toys is a big no. You might be thinking why? These wipes clean effectively and kill germs that are on the toys but children are known for putting the toys in their mouths. If something like this happens right after you have wiped the toys then it could turn out to be potentially dangerous because of the chemical that remains after cleaning. Yes, it would not remain there forever but you can’t always keep an eye on your toddler and little ones or can you?

Not enough for bathroom

When it comes to using wipes for cleaning bathroom countertops then there’s something that you should know. Your bathroom gets a lot of audience from bacteria and different germs all day round and a quick wipe would not be enough. You need to use a disinfectant cleaner instead for better results. The disinfectant needs to stay on the surface for a good 5 to 10 minutes or for the time that is mentioned on the label. You might think after using the wipes that your bathroom is clean and safe to use as it dries quickly but it really isn’t.

Don’t try cleaning large area with wipes

These wipes are made to clean small surfaces and objects, effectively. If you’ll try to wipe down the whole house from roof to floor using these wipes then you are not going to get the desired effect. Using the same wipe over different and multiple surfaces might in fact add to your germ problem. Cross contamination is a real thing and it could happen via a dirty wipe used over a clean counter. So, it’s better to use a product that is made for intended purpose.

Don’t use on surfaces that absorb moisture

If you are planning to use these antibacterial wipes to clean carpet or foam, then you are making a mistake. Anything that absorbs moisture won’t go nicely with these wipes. Any antibacterial solution needs to remain on a surface for a certain period of time for complete effectiveness. This is why, using these wipes on carpet or foam would be useless as whole solution would be absorbed. Every wipe has a ‘kill time’ on the label, therefore you should check out the label prior to use.

Don’t use on Marble or granite

Antibacterial wipes are surely made to kill germs and are therefore loaded with chemicals and acids that might damage the polish of sealed surfaces. You can end up having surfaces that might appear dull or even scratched, at times. There are designated products for such surfaces and using these products would be a better choice.

These are some of the surfaces where using antibacterial wipes would not prove to be that effective. However, these wipes come in handy on many occasions. Using antiseptic hand wipes when no soap or water is available is one of those occasions. You can clean counters, disinfect commonly used surfaces, wipe off objects instantly and without these wipes, how would it be even possible?  The main motive is to spread awareness about using these wipes in the right manner so that none is wasted. By doing so, you’d not only be saving yourself money but this act would also help others.

“Always remember that washing hands is still the best defence that we have against COVID-19. Stopping the spread is important and we all have to play our parts with complete determination.”

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