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Remember the household chore routine? Well you need to follow that with a twist for acknowledging your cleaning mistakes so that your hard work doesn’t go down the drain

While cleaning our house, we often overlook spots and areas that need our undivided attention unlike those greasy counters that are good to go just after running across a damp rug. If you have been on your toes every time when it’s about cleaning surfaces, and are unable to get the desired results then you need to contemplate over the current scenario as to where are you going wrong?

There are a lot of unintended mistakes that we make while dilly dallying and working with an unsure attitude. Don’t let these setbacks hold you back from getting the work done around the house.

Working tirelessly but in the wrong direction won’t get you anywhere in life – same is evident in the case of housekeeping. You don’t want to end up with a dark and dusty abode especially when you have been working hard in the cleaning department.

To be honest making mistakes while cleaning is fairly common and unless you are aware of what you are doing, you are bound to make numerable blunders. Yes, you might be using the best multipurpose cleaner there is to clean surfaces but what about the concentration of the cleaning product? Have you given this a thought or what about other cleaning and disinfection alternatives?

Being quick to clean liquid spills on carpet

When we see someone spilling coffee on our favorite rug, it’s only natural of us to rush towards the spillage area and start scrubbing in order to counter the enlarging stain but we don’t realize that we are doing more harm than good.

When you scrub the carpet after any liquid spill, you twist and tangle the carpet fibers thereby making it easier for the fibers to absorb the material in turn causing permanent damage. Instead try blotting the spill with a paper towel or wait for a professional to deal with the stain.

Using liquid detergent to clean chopping boards

Your chopping boards have a cluster of germs and sticky leftovers from raw meat that can’t be cleaned by only using liquid detergent. You need to find the best disinfectant cleaner such as Dettol kitchen cleaner that could offer you both, protection from germs (viruses and bacteria) and leave behind an immaculate chopping board.

Going crazy with spraying

When you have a spray gun in your hands then it becomes nearly impossible to resist the urge to spray almost everything because it offers easy cleaning – just a spritz and scrub and voila! You have clean surfaces all around. We’d like to stop you right here because this isn’t right in any way.

Direct impact from cleaning solutions can add to the deteriorating structure of your furniture and widen the not-so-visible micro gaps with moisture from the solution. For deep cleaning, try spraying the cleaning products/ disinfectant cleaner on a soft cloth and give the product enough contact time to work aptly by gently wiping down the surface and then letting it dry up.

Cleaning surfaces bare-handed

It would be very unwise of you to clean surfaces around the house bare-handedly because the absorbing capability of human skin can make your hands dry or irritated. That is why if you’re maintaining bathroom hygiene make sure that you are wearing proper gloves every time you decide to take on a household chore. Also make it a routine to wash hands with soap and water thoroughly after you are done with everything or try using a hand sanitizer in between cleaning tasks.

Opting to clean windows under high temperatures

The unforgiving sunlight and scorching heat would make your windows dry up faster than you can clean, if you choose to wipe down windows on a hot day. Always find a cool time for this job as you don’t want streaks appearing on your window panes after a hard day’s work.

Undermining vacuum cleaning

You use vacuum to clean your whole house upside down but do you pay attention to the vacuum filters and storage pods? Dust and dirt, if stuck inside, can make the vacuum practically useless. You surely don’t want that to happen therefore timely empty the pod and clean the filter when required.

Using the same cloth or dusting feather

When you are on a cleaning spree you try your level best to be done with it quickly and efficiently. However, quite the contrary is true because you need to give adequate time to each area of the house.

Using the same dusting feather around the house would only transfer the dirt from one surface to another. Same is true for a cloth that is damp and dirty. Always make sure to changes clothes as soon as their color starts to change.

As for bathrooms, always use approved bathroom cleaners because local products can heavily damage your fixtures and other surfaces. So this is all about correcting cleaning mistakes. If you still have any questions please let us know. We’ll be more than happy to help you out.

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