Dettol and SAUDIA team up to boost sanitization on flights

Unprecedented chaos demands new corporate collaborations in order to better respond to the presenting challenge

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected millions around the globe and killed hundreds in a short span of time. The vulnerability of the to-be affected population needs to be evaluated in order to better respond to the threat.

Not only this, but global giants need to come forward and lend a helping hand to the underprivileged as those marginalized cannot fend for themselves in a better way. As we move further into the calendar year 2020, new studies are rolling out and better approaches to tackle this threat are being discussed however, not many fruitful answers have been found.

The race to create a vaccine suffered another giant blow yesterday as the oxford university vaccine trails were stopped after a participant reported deteriorating health outcome after getting the jab. This was one of the most promised ongoing trials that has just hit the ditch on the road to success.

Now, either it is just a hurdle or the doom that we weren’t expecting? This remains to be uncovered. On the other hand, Russia believes that it has found the cure in the form of a vaccine and is soon to start mass production of the vaccine to make it available in great numbers. As for now, we are only left with infection control measures and antibacterial products and services.

A much needed collaboration

Though there are a multitude of hygiene services that can help keep the infection spread in control, especially in largely populated areas but awareness is also an issue that should be addressed. As travel restrictions are now easing up, it is believed that people might flock up the tourist spots and this could in turn lead to another infection hotspot. In order to raise awareness and combat the threat, Dettol Arabia and SAUDIA have joined hands as a collective effort.

The air-travel hygiene

SAUDIA which is famously known as the Saudi Arabian Airlines is the national airlines for the kingdom of Saudi Arabia and travels to 95 plus destinations nationally and internationally. The collaboration comes at a time when the need for awareness and strict infection control is most needed.

It is decided that Dettol Arabia will provide top of the line hygiene products to all onboard the SAUDIA flights asserting the importance of passenger and crew safety in these testing times. In order to provide those on board with a protective environment, it is essential to enforce all these disinfection protocols.

“We are delighted to be working with Dettol at such a crucial time, raising awareness of hygiene whilst creating a safe environment for all on-board. The safety of our guests and cabin crew is at the heart of the company and through this partnership we look forward to rolling out an added layer of hygiene to our customers, ensuring their flight experience with us is of the highest quality and safety standards.” – Vice President Corporate Communications, Saudi Arabian Airlines, Mr. Fahad Bahdailah


To add to the collective effort in spreading awareness regarding the precautions and guidelines, critical information along with antibacterial wipes will be provided to all passengers by Dettol Arabia. It is extremely important that all aboard the flight are well acquainted with the precautions to take and instructions to follow like maintaining hand hygiene, wearing masks, and maintaining social distancing. In order to make sure that the results are as expected, multiple awareness messages will be aired throughout the flight and at regular intervals.

“Dettol is extremely proud to be the official hygiene partner of SAUDIA. The partnership comes at an unprecedented time and will guarantee customers and cabin crew have access to the highest quality of hygiene and health products whilst traveling. Both Dettol and SAUDIA share common values keeping consumers at the heart of our business, especially during these uncertain times. We look forward to rolling out various initiatives throughout this partnership to ensure SAUDIA guests and staff remain safe, hygienic and aware on how best to keep safe during their travels” – stated by the Regional director for the Middle East, RB Health, Mr. Shahzeb Mahmood

December 2020, three months later, approximately one year would have passed since the first case of COVID-19 was reported in China yet no sign of relief is in sight. Only defense that we have against this disease is taking precautions. Let’s hope and pray together that other corporations too, come forward like Dettol Arabia and SAUDIA and contribute to the betterment of society, in a global perspective.

It is also worth noting that the original news has been published at Saudi Gazette and the team at Dettol Arabia has confirmed it and it may have been completely modified or transferred or quoted. You can read the news from its original source.

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