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You love to have your animal companion keeping you company but is sneezing all day around taking a toll on your health?

The bubble of ceaseless love that you feel for your furry companions may burst with you repetitively sneezing throughout the day, if you are exposed to potential allergens. Who doesn’t love a good walk and talk with man’s best friend or a cute brawl with their feline buddy but sometimes the allergic reaction is a headache to deal with.

 Why does it happen?

The reason behind this is your body’s reaction to foreign particles dispersed in the air as a result of dust and fur from that furry friend. There are approximately 840 million cats and dogs that are kept as pets in different parts of the world, so the solution is not to ditch your pet which of course you shouldn’t do, but to work towards an impeccably clean house and surroundings.

The main cause

In order to dig deeper, we read what the experts had to say and to our surprise, it’s not the hair, dandruff or flakes that are the main culprit but a specific protein found in dander that wreaks havoc. Even in cases when you swell like a balloon with puffy eyes and inflamed skin against your body’s reaction to the peanut you mistakenly ate in a cake, the culprit is a protein.

You need to realize that such proteins called allergens, are also found within and outside your pet’s body and the ubiquitous nature of their spread might make the air full of them, adding to your problems. You might be thinking why am I sneezing like crazy when I am around dogs whilst my neighbor doesn’t even blink?

Just like you have your mom’s eyes and your sibling has your dad’s smile, you can also be affected by allergies due to same genetic predisposition, it’s the gene pool that plays the game. The resultant effect of these allergies might just be a stuffed nose and runny eyes for many, for some the reaction might be a bit like asthma attack. In either case, its controllable and can be avoided to a great extent by following some simple tips.  You might have to do more than just washing hands with antibacterial soap and water.

Make changes around you

Changing your atmosphere or better yet, the environment around you has proven efficacy for tackling allergies effectively. You don’t need to let your pets run all over the house instead work on a contagion control model by denying them access to your bedroom. Pets and hygiene are no two different paradigms and must be dealt accordingly. The place where you sleep should be free of allergens and for that to happen, you need to keep you play buddies out.

Frequent cleaning and vacuuming might also help you maintain the safety bubble against these potential allergens. A frequent change in pet and people beddings, timely shampooing of rugs, and cleaning off walls where your pets rub can be regarded as a method of reducing allergies around the house.

Another thing that can be used for effective removal of allergens from the air you breathe are HEPA filters, due to their ability to remove pollens, dust mites, and pet dander that you might take in with the air. Use of a multipurpose cleaner to clean surfaces around the house might also help the cause.

Make changes within you

Using antibacterial products loaded with antibacterial ingredients without making changes in yourself might only add to bacterial resistance and not the other way around. Bathing your good boy is a good way to maintain pet hygiene but on the other hand, self-care and hand hygiene should be focused to stop the spread. Use of instant hand sanitizer every time you pat your pet or washing hands properly for 20 seconds as CDC recommends might help you more.

Over the counter medications may help you alleviate mild symptoms of allergy but for asthma like wheezing or chest tightness you will have to talk to your health care provider. Another thing to consider is allergy shots that are specifically directed towards reducing the allergic reaction that you get when exposed to allergens.

Basic understanding that these allergens are light and might travel to places even where there are no pets might help you make better cleaning decisions. Yes, cleaning products will help you out but know the active ingredients in those products for effective results. Above all, changing your definition of ‘pet’ might solve the problem once and for all without adding to your grief. Considering geckos, turtles, snakes, lizards, fish, and even tarantulas is acceptable! All of this would aid you in accomplishing your pet care objectives without having to abandon the charismatic company.

So this all about taking care of yourself and your pet buddies without giving into prevalent allergies. If you still have any questions, you can contact us right away. We’ll be more than happy to help you out.

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