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Understanding the cleaning frequency around the house

Scrubbing surfaces and rubbing counters is not easy especially when you have to commit to it. Cleaning the house might leave you fatigued, if you are over doing it.

All of us who are entitled to ensuring cleanliness around the house, know the pain of grime build up again and again. Association of immaculate cleaning with unhindered cleaning process is a thing to be understood because of the freedom that it grants us. Cleaning times and again around the house is a headache that just won’t go no matter how many blogs you devour. Gulping stacks of knowledge doesn’t seem to work and dust keeps coming back, seems like a horror story but it’s a true one.

Don’t burden yourself

First thing to establish is that you don’t need to overburden yourself with nagging thoughts that keep asking you to clean. You shouldn’t feel pressured in any way when it comes to doing household chores because you have all the time in the World and you should line up those tasks for later that are unnecessary or don’t demand immediate attention. Yes, even during these times. We know that all of us are in the midst of a pandemic and maintaining hygiene should be our top priority but not at the cost of mental peace.

Map out the house

Initially you need to map out the house for surfaces that might get high audience aka those surfaces that are touched frequently and when you have identified such surfaces then focus on your attention towards those areas adjacent to these surfaces. Start by finding out the best disinfectant spray for home and then apply thoroughly to such areas with extreme precaution and care, thereby eliminating the chance of unexpected damage.

This would help you cut down the spread of bacteria and viruses and give you clean surfaces at all times. No need to brush up everything from top to bottom just for this purpose. You should also choose products that are Environmental protection agency EPA registered and are safe and effective because sometimes disinfection products might do more harm than good.

Cleaning the living room

If you are looking to attend to living room and main space matters early on then you need to check your mail every day. Yes, checking mail would prevent the paper piling that you abhor, not only that but also the grime and dust that sticks to paper and then lays there for an infinite time. It becomes a mess to clean up such papers so you should avoid such a situation by acting timely in the first place.

Sweep or vacuum areas daily if you need to and place the items properly if they are misplaced. Mark out your trash and adopt a methodical approach helping you achieve your cleaning goals aptly. These are the tasks that you can do daily but attending to blinds, vacuum dust, rugs, and ceilings should be your monthly preferences.

Cleaning the kitchen

When it comes to cleaning kitchen then you should focus on doing dishes daily after every meal, make sure that dishes are out of the dishwasher, and kitchen countertops are cleaned with disinfectant cleaner. Also attend to your sink, microwave, and other appliances in a timely manner and clean all areas where you think grime and spillage may make home.

Tasks such as defrosting your freezer, cleaning your oven, washing the insides of your trash bins, and cleaning your dishwasher should be carried out monthly.

Cleaning the bathroom

Cleaning and disinfection, when it comes to bathroom surfaces, is a task that requires precision and expertise both. You need to daily wipe down mirrors, faucets, counters, and other surfaces with cleaning products that are known for effective results. You might turn towards bleaching solutions but always assess the situation before using a product. It’s better to go for Dettol bathroom cleaner known for its capability to clean hard-to-remove stains as different fixtures require different level of care else discoloration might occur.

Because there is a large influx of water throughout the day, you don’t need to mop down bathroom floor after each use as it would only tire you out. As for scrubbing and cleaning surfaces you can do it once or twice a week.

Prioritizing your workload categorically will help you eliminate stressors in an appropriate manner thereby enhancing your efficiency and helping you tackle problems responsibly.

Cleaning the bedroom

The hidden elements within your bedroom are very secretive about their hiding places and seldom you won’t find these bacteria and germs during a quick scan. You need to make beds, place things properly, and deal with dirt and messes daily. As for doing laundry and washing bedding and other sheets; do these tasks once or twice a week. Organizing drawers and dressers, sunning pillows and sheets for natural disinfection should be your monthly preferences.

in addition to all these steps, determination of contact time for each disinfectant is indispensable to achieving best results and therefore you should always read back label.

You can follow these tips to unburden yourselves of the redundant chores you think are necessary. There are many escape ways and cleaning your house shouldn’t become in any way a stressor for you. If you still have any questions, you can contact us right away. We’ll be more than happy to help you out.

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