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noneThe dos and don'ts of cleaning a living room

The dos and don'ts of cleaning a living room

While you may be an expert at cleaning rooms around the house, tackling the living room mess isn’t for the faint-hearted though especially when a family comes over.

When it comes down to handling project clean-up-the-living-room, you need to pay attention to detail as sometimes the room needs more than just cleaning and dusting. We are talking about meticulously planned cleaning job where the cleaner needs to be true to his work and thorough in his/her actions.

There are a lot of angels that need to be covered before you can get all pumped up to take on the living room mess. Don’t think of that pile of garbage as just an area to clean but consider it a potential hotspot for germ breeding. With grime and dust, comes the threat of bacteria and viruses culminating right in your living space.

Paying less than required attention might not only lead to a growing pile of mess but would also lead to more illness around the house. Having clean living rooms can help control allergies Dust and pollen allergies are fairly common with changes in temperature and by leaving that living room mess unattended; we are just allowing the germs to live rent-free in our house.

Start with Yourself

Before you begin, you must understand that clean hands mean a healthier you. Just to reiterate the importance of hand hygiene, one should always remember what the centers for disease control and prevention cdc recommends about washing your hands.

You should wash your hands with soap and water for 20 seconds and then dry them completely. Doing so before cleaning the living room helps you kill germs and assures you that you are not adding to the trouble in any manner. However, if you are unable to wash hands make sure to use a recommended hand sanitizer that has at least 60% isopropyl alcohol in it.

Don’t go half prepared

While it is okay to take up this cleaning task all by yourself, it’s also important to understand the mechanism and precautions to take. You can’t just fill up a pump bottle with the best disinfectant cleaner you can get your hands on, and go over a spraying spree around the room.

You need to find the appropriate contact time and should also have knowledge about the suitability of disinfectant according to your surfaces. Going in half prepared can do more harm than good, which surely you don’t want.

Be persistent

There are some stains on your sofa that won’t just let go of the fabric no matter how hard you scrub. In order to get rid of this grimy-relationship you’ll need some help from corn starch or baking soda. Without wasting much time, just cover the stain in either of the absorbents and let it sit for a good 15 minutes. Dab a cloth in dry-cleaning solvent and clean the stain with it after you are done vacuuming your chosen sprinkler.

Don’t be quick

Hasty decisions while tackling coffee or juice spills on your carpet might harm your living space unlike anything you have ever seen. It’s a natural reaction to rush towards the spillage spot and scrub the carpet like you have never before but wait up!

You are actually imprisoning the stain inside those fibers unknowingly which might haunt you for a long time, later on. Instead of covering it with a solvent, try gently cleaning the stain with a clean cloth with soft strokes. As for floors, try using floor cleaners that go with your flooring.

Be tidy

Declutter your possessions that you haven’t used in a long time and throw away empty containers and perfumes you are not ready to let go off. Even when you have been thorough with your cleaning routine, you might not have expected results because of crowding up of unessential products taking up space. For surfaces within your living area, you should use a Dettol multipurpose cleaner as it is gentle on the décor and tough on stains.

It is difficult to do all of these tasks alone therefore you can always call for help. Grab your partner who has a day off and make him/her go through the process as you have planned. It’s always good to put on some music while you are cleaning so that motivation doesn’t go out the window.

So these are some do’s and don’ts of cleaning your living room. If you still have any confusion, feel free to ask us anytime. We’ll be more than happy to help you out.

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