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How to make the floor safe with kids crawling around the house?

With little ones on board, there are a lot of things that you need to consider…

Everybody knows that a clean house free of germs is essential to good health. However, everybody doesn’t understand the untiring effort it takes to keep a house clean around the clock. There isn’t a single mom out there who’d say that she finds it easy to keep the house clean with toddlers crawling or sneaking around. You surely don’t know when and where would these cute little angels strike. Whole house is their playground and to hide in hard to reach places is their game. Most of us get worried when we see our littles ones crawling on the floor, putting toys and other things in their mouth. To be honest, it is a worrisome thing to see children like this because the floor is full of germs that can’t be seen. To our children, every object is another opportunity to explore and enquire. For those who can see, it’s another hotspot where germs can hide. In order to ensure the safety of your loved ones, you need to clean the floor with approved floor cleaners leaving behind clean floors free of germs.

Be a child again

In order to make sure that you are targeting the right spots, you need to see the world from their view so get down to the floor, literally. When you have a child eye’s view you come to know how they see things and what might attract them more… that spot under the sofa looks a good place to hide or is that stuffed bear a good option? They can choose anything and anytime so you have to think like them. We normally overlook what they may see as a good option and leave that spot, this is where we are wrong. Even with the best cleaning products for housekeeping we tend to miss our target. Another thing that you should know is that for children, their world seems a lot bigger when they stand up so keep an eye out for this sorcery too.

What are the safest cleaning products for home?

This is a question that we ask ourselves nearly every time when we are buying cleaning products while thinking of kid’s safety. When it comes to keeping the floor safe, you need to literally use the best floor cleaner but one that is safe around the kids. Kids are surely going to crawl and a cleaner that is infused with strong chemicals might end up hurting them in some way. Read the composition of whatever cleaner you are buying, read the instructions and then decide. Steer clear of brands that hide the composition of their products. Also make sure that you are buying a product that is approved and certified and disinfects in a proper manner. Make sure that you are letting the disinfectant sit on the floor for the given contact time.

The organic option

There are products out there that are made up of an organic mixture which is extracted from natural elements. Such products might prove to be gentle on the floors and safe for your kids while they are playing around. Another way is to buy those house cleaning products that make a claim of being safe to use around children. Such products might be a bit pricier than the normal ones but they aren’t surely more important.

Also choose a cleaner that doesn’t have a very strong smell. Such products can be composed of harsh chemicals and might prove detrimental to your baby’s health.

Hide your shoes away

According to experts, shoes are responsible for bringing in all sorts of germs in the house which might include any bacteria or viruses. Therefore, keeping the shoes in a safe place away from the reach of kids is highly important. Toddlers are known to toddle around the house and might end up chewing on your shoes and if the floor becomes contaminated, they might pick up germs on their hands and then put the same fingers in their mouth. There goes all your safety! This is why it is very important that everyone should remove their shoes as soon as they enter the house and put them in a closet or another safe place.

Last but not least, make sure that you are washing your hands times and again. This act is not specific to caring for toddlers but helps you maintain a healthy hygiene routine. Clean your hands frequently so that when you touch your baby, you are not accidently transferring any germs that you got on the subway. Cleaner hands mean less worry, for you and for the baby. Keep a sanitizer with you and as soon as you walk in, rub some on your hands.

So this is all about keeping the floor safe with kids crawling around the house. If you still have any questions, please let us know. We’ll be more than happy to help you out.

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