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If you are a mother-to-be, stressing out about your baby’s arrival is only natural. However, if deep cleaning the house is troubling you tick that stressor off your list, today.

Families around the world go into frenzy when arrival of a little one is announced because they know the unavoidable change that comes with it. Of course early and meticulous planning lets you control the chaos and help you get ready for the imminent change that needs to be admired. There are no ifs and buts to the fact that your house needs a sort of re-do before the arrival of your newborn.

These tasks include strategically organizing your household in a manner that fits the safety protocol of highest standards which would ultimately also help you lead a stress free life even after baby is born. Babies are soft little packets of joy who don’t have an adequately developed immune system equipped to fight dangerous bacteria and viruses, and that is why you need to ensure that your house is deep cleansed.

Not only bacteria and viruses but different toxins and allergens also negatively impact your baby’s health and might trigger harsh body reactions against pesky microorganisms that you’d not anticipate. Deep cleansing the house would help you maintain a hygienic environment free of harmful microorganisms that love to prey on our little humans.

First things first, you need to know that centers for disease control and prevention cdc has asked people to wash hands for 20 seconds with bar soap and water in order to properly kill germs. If water is not available then proper hand sanitization should be ensured by using hand sanitizer frequently. These instructions are reiterated in order to emphasize the importance of maintaining hand hygiene especially around babies.

You should make it a rule of law that everyone who enters your house should first wash hands and then interact with your baby or better yet, ask them to not touch or kiss the newborn’s cheek or any other part. Babies are extremely sensitive and you have to act like this to keep them away from danger.

Where to start?

Deep cleansing the house might be overburdening for you especially if you have a big house but if you plan out every area and the amount of focus it needs beforehand, you won’t need to worry later on. Though making sure that every nook and cranny is properly attended to and every hidden pile of dust cleaned off is a tough task in itself. To make it easier on yourself, first plan out what are the tasks that you need to do to achieve the deep cleansed state.  

List down your tasks

First one would be cleaning walls and floors, and then you’d need to wash the linens and curtains. Afterwards, you’d need to dust furniture and other appliances and steam clean upholstered furniture. You can then focus on cleaning windows and disinfecting wherever you find it necessary to. Move room by room through the house because this way you’d know which areas have you covered and what spaces still need your attention.

Think it through

You need to make a schedule that would work for everyone residing in the house including you. Because your tasks involve each room and area around the house, you’d have to be careful of not disturbing others and accidently overburdening yourself too. Adequate energy levels are required to complete these tasks in an efficient manner so if you are unable to finish these tasks in one go, it’s absolutely okay. Also, once the toddler starts crawling around the house, you need to make sure your floors are clean enough. Mark your calendars for baby’s arrival and start your cleaning drive exactly 4 weekends before so that you can do all of your tasks on weekends, easily.

Call the professionals

Infestation is not something that you want in your house with a baby around so take ultimate protective measures by calling in the pest control early on. Operation clean-up might leave some remnants behind and you will have to take care of the battlefield after the pest control team has left your house, therefore asking them to come in early is a wise decision.

Be thorough

While you are attending to one room at a time, don’t forget to scan the floor for grime and grout. Use recommended floor cleaners to get rid of grout and hard-to-remove stains. Choose such cleaning products that have antibacterial properties so that while cleaning you can kill germs too. Don’t let high touch surfaces skip your sight because these are the objects/ surfaces which are most probable germ hotspots that you don’t want to miss.

Install filters

Air filters come with air purifying capabilities and when you are done with each of the tasks mentioned above, you would definitely need something to clean out the air around the house. HEPA air filters would deep cleanse your air helping you to breathe easier and fresher.

Also keep an eye out for the required contact time when you are using disinfectant cleaner for disinfection purposes around the house.

So this is all about deep cleansing your home before you baby arrives. If you still have any confusions about the process you can always ask us. We’ll be more than happy to help you out.

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