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Can automation bring ease to the way we wash hands?

With innovation comes ease and while everybody loves a little convenience, are automated hand washing machines really necessary?

We humans, the beneficiary of contemporary sciences and its resultant products, are rushing towards the future faster than ever. Since the beginning of this century, the process of automation and digitalization is moving at an unprecedented pace, unlike anything that this world has seen over the past 2000 years. From our environmental interaction to social behaviour, everything is now governed by the innovative changes that have made our life more convenient.

However, still many of us find the traditional methods safer or just take these methods as a part of our idiosyncrasies – Anyhow, curiosity has helped humanity achieve what it has and where it stands today. The world, as we knew it 20 years ago isn’t the same as today and it won’t be the same 20 years later from now but there is something that should remain constant and that is our ability to judge and take decisions.

Life made easier

Every development should be engendered because if it’s not, it’s simply a danger. We have been working on health more than ever now and because we have access to such technologies, the process has become simple. One of such areas that are being focused is “getting rid of germs” and specifically, washing hands. There is a whole lot of science behind this idea.

Washing hands properly for 20 seconds with soap and water kills almost all sorts of germs as recommended by centers for disease control and prevention CDC. Dettol along with bar soap offers a wide range of hygiene products that are known to be antibacterial and help protect you and your loved ones from germ attacks.

Bacteria and viruses are around us all the time and because we can’t see them we are unable to fend against them when needed. We can get millions of microorganisms on our hands without us even knowing by just touching a contaminated surface. Since we are so fond of touching our face throughout the day we should also know that germs love this act as by doing so we provide them rent-free-transfer to our face and other parts of our body. Consequently, we get ill.

Automated hand hygiene

In order to avoid days of suffering and at times months of torment we need to follow proper hand hygiene. Now we can wash hands like we have been all our lives or we can use an automated machine to do so.

How does it work?

This machine scans the hands once inserted and disperses the adequate amount of soap and water required. Furthermore, it would also decide whether you need to wash your hands once or twice by assessing the germs levels. Incorporation of artificial intelligence and intelligent coding has made these machines smarter helping the hand-washer keep clean hands.

On top of all this, such machines also have facial recognition technology which stores required hand hygiene data. Because this machine is for places where there are a lot of people like offices, employers can now know the hand hygiene trends and hand washing frequency pertaining to their employees. Additionally, this machine is touch free and therefore eliminates cross contamination.

Hand wash dispensers

While taking proper hygiene measures, the idea is to eliminate germ hotspots, basically surface that get high audience within a workplace, home, or any other area. You can also get Dettol liquid hand wash dispenser for your workplace so that it becomes easy for people to wash hands rather than facing the danger of using same soap over and over again.

Is it any better?

For places where there is a large group of people working in collaboration with each other, such machines can really bring about some change but for homes, it might not be that effective.

Amidst COVID outbreak this can be a game changer for people who like to ensure proper sanitization around their place because of its data storage and tracking capability. How efficient is this method? This still needs to be determined. So, it’s for you to decide whether you want to insert your hands in a hand washing machine or do you want to wash your hands with liquid hand wash, the way you are used to.

No matter how, but we need to make sure that everybody including us is washing hands properly because this would prevent the spread of germs helping us create a safe and healthier world for all.

If you have any confusion, you can contact us right away. We’ll be more than happy to help you out.

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