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Safety of all is now linked to safety of one, considering this… is pubic transport safe to use again?

A thousand questions come to mind when one wishes to travel during these times. Will it all be okay? What if I touch something that is contaminated and germs get onto me? What if I get the virus? What about my children? These are questions that we ask ourselves before stepping out of the house. Since march 2020, the declaration of coronavirus pandemic, things have not been exactly easy.

Public transport was shut down and it remained the same for months. Now that lockdowns around the globe are easing up, people have started to travel again, but is it really the time?

Those who suffered, know…

Countries and cities that have been hit hard by the virus know the importance of disinfection and have been implementing strict disinfection routines for buses, metros, and subway. There is a certain allotted time in the day during which this sanitization happens. An additional must to do thing is to wear masks during the transit. A lot of workers use the route to travel and a lot of them were infected during the peak times. To make sure that you are safe when you are travelling you can carry with yourself antibacterial wipes.

Life doesn’t stop

Disinfecting your home is easy and you are safest when at home but life doesn’t stop. Though companies have implemented work from home routines but still many are now calling employees back. With the pandemic still here and the fear of catching virus, one has to juggle his/her options while going to work.

People residing in first world countries, who have now used subway after months of break have mixed reactions. People who practice hand hygiene and take special care while going out in public seemed to say that government was taking satisfactory precautions and that they’d try to again use public transport.

Making the choice

Whether you should be using public transport or not depends on the sanitization protocol in your country. However, everyone’s safety starts with their own practice and in this pandemic, everything is linked. If you are using antibacterial hand wipes to clean your hands or are wiping the seat you are going to sit in, then you are potentially stopping the virus from getting to you or others, at least your loved ones.

What about social distancing?

Another thing that you must be thinking of is social distancing because on crowded subways or buses, it might not be possible to maintain. People trying to get to office or other places might rush in and there goes your social distancing. However, if government takes strict measures and limits the number of person travelling then, it can be possible. You should also know that still there is a lack of confidence when it comes to travelling via public transport.

Statistics show that lesser number of passengers are riding the subways than in the pre-lockdown era. The reason? Of course, the fear of catching virus.

Crowded places are a hotspot for this virus and should be avoided whenever possible. Take a hand sanitizer with you whenever you are going out. Try to use it frequently, after touching the rail, the doors, the seat, after getting in the subway and after getting out. We know it must be hard to keep a track of all these things but it’s important to do so.

Reliance on public transport

People who rely on public transport are comparatively using buses more than subways because they feel a bit safer due to the freedom to open windows, boarding from rear, and after all, they encounter somewhat fewer people than they would in subways. In addition to this, there are smarter choices available now.

Commuters in USA can even see if the upcoming bus is crowded or not. Using digital tools to stop the spread of the virus is a good step and should be followed, all around. Personal care is important and should be thought of accordingly.

During these times, there are a lot of things that need to be considered and before stepping out you need to know about them. Infection control is not something that can happen in a day, it’s something that needs to be implemented every day and with care.

CDC recommends washing hands with bar soap and water for a good 20 seconds and that is our best option at stopping the virus. Make sure to wash hands whenever and wherever possible. Wear a mask at all times when it public.

So there you go, this is all about the safety of public transport. If you still have any questions, then you can contact us right away. We’ll be more than happy to help you out.

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