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It has been found in a recent survey that Nielsen conducted with several mothers that about of modern mothers are worried for their children and are of the opinion that the children of today are exposed to more threats than they themselves were as children. Also, around also felt that children in general seemed to be falling sick more often than before.

This is, indeed, an increasingly worrying trend that unfortunately seems to be on the rise. But why is it that children today are more vulnerable than we used to be? What is causing this adverse effect on them? Is homecare not up to the mark these days? Well, this is due to several external as well as internal factors. Let’s understand these factors to protect our children better.

  1. Evolved Germs: Over time science has developed by leaps and bounds but unfortunately, so have a number of germs. As science has actively been searching and finding cures and treatments to existing illnesses, some of the more resilient germs have been becoming immune to these medications in the meanwhile. As a result, not only are these germs affecting our children, but they are also becoming drug-resistant, which makes combating such germs, and infections a lot tougher, thereby making children sick for a longer duration.
  2. Lower Immunity: Unfortunately, children, who are in a dynamic state of growth with their immune system still developing may not be able to fight new-age diseases at the pace that these germs tend to grow and multiply. Children’s immune cells often cannot recognize and react appropriately to such newer and stronger germs, and the child’s body has not yet been able to build up a defense mechanism to fend off such diseases, and infections. As a result, our children fall prey to these germs and the illnesses they cause.
  3. More Frequent Medication: As the number of germs and illnesses increase, it is but obvious that so will the medication. Concerned parents often tend to think that popping pills is the solution to recurrent infections and other ailments. However, while medication is important for the child, paranoid parents tend to go overboard with it, sometimes even at the first sneeze! A lot of children are put on antibiotic medication at the drop of the hat - a practice that will not hold our children in good stead in the long run, as hey will slowly become dependent on external aid rather than rely on their own inbuilt immunity.
  4. More Germs, Pollution, and Allergens in the Environment: Every now and then, we keep hearing about new viruses and disease breakouts, which were completely unheard of a few years ago, and are suddenly a huge threat - whether it’s Swine Flu, Bird Flu or even the Ebola virus. Ever wondered why such diseases reached massive proportions? It’s because the environment is becoming more and more favorable to the growth, and multiplication of such germs. In addition to germs, pollutions and allergens act as irritants in the environment that further reduce our children’s immunity.
  5. Hygiene Habits and Routine Not Enough: How many mothers ensure that their children wash their hands regularly with at least basic antibacterial soap or hand wash? How many mothers ensure that their children even bathe with such soaps?  Well, unfortunately the answer doesn’t matter much because as the environmental reality is changing for the worse, and there is a growing need for more evolved protection to fight these more evolved germs and illnesses. Simply hand washing with soap is not enough if it doesn’t give your children the best protection.

With changing times, there is a growing need to switch to an all-inclusive hygiene routine, right from basic hygiene habits to washing your children’s clothes, toys, school bag and other possessions on a regular basis with antibacterial cleaning products. As modern day mothers, we should make sure that our children eat a balanced and nutritious diet to help them build better immunity and strength, instead of just relying on medicines to do the needful. After all, prevention is always better than cure!

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