The "Bye, Bye" Bacteria Baby Proofing Checklist

It’s so exciting when baby takes a first step – until you realize all the trouble they can get into now that they’re on the move. Besides typical baby proofing, it’s also important to make sure your baby is safe from illness causing bacteria around the home.


Add these helpful steps to your new baby checklist for a virtually germ-free home:

- Deep clean hidden corners of your bathroom that may harbor mold and mildew

- Keep baby away from wet or damp surfaces that can breed bacteria, such as damp carpets

- Disinfect table legs, chair legs, and other furniture that’s in danger of being chewed

- Be vigilant about cleaning up pet toys – especially those your pet chews

- Make sure the litter box is out of baby’s reach

- Clean and disinfect fabrics often, such as couch cushions and throw blankets

- Disinfect and rinse plastic toys that find their way to the floor

- Wipe down cupboard/drawer handles and knobs in baby’s reach

 Not sure where to start? Try a disinfectant spray or wipes, which can be used on many household surfaces and help make disinfection easy.

 And a final tip we love…

- Trick baby by keeping a cupboard or drawer unlocked and filled with baby safe items they can “discover.” This will satisfy their impulse to explore, while also giving you some peace of mind. Everybody wins!

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