Preparing for Baby with All Purpose Cleaner

If you are trying for a baby, chances are that you on full alert for any signs of pregnancy. When the happy news is confirmed, you switch to battle mode to clean your house and prepare for the new arrival. But while you fly about the house scrubbing, washing, mopping, wiping and dusting, your dog sits down to wonder, “Now, just what exactly is going on here?” It can be a hectic time, and surely your dog has noticed that something is afoot.

Once the instinct kicks in, you will always be looking for things to do to prepare for baby that is arriving soon. If you have a dog to pick up after along the way as well, it is probably best to utilise this burst of energy to help make your home safe, clean, and ready for the baby’s arrival. The two main areas of caution are dog accidents and dog toys.

Cleaning Dog Accidents:

Train your dog well, and be sure that he does his business in the right place (i.e. the toilet), as failure to do so can mean the introduction of a host of dangerous germs inside your home. If your dog has an occasional accident and dirties any hard surface in your home, turn to Dettol Multi Purpose Cleaners to deodorise and disinfect the affected area. Our Multi Purpose Cleaners kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses, so you can be sure that it helps to protect your baby.

Cleaning Dog Toys:

After your baby arrives, it will not be long before they are moving about the house with your dog. Both will spend long periods of time together and even suck on the same things without you noticing. Until your baby knows for sure that your dog’s toys are not its own toys, keep the dog toys clean with the same All Purpose Cleaner to help create a healthier environment for your baby. Regularly wipe the toys clean with the All Purpose Cleaner, rinse with water, and then dry them off before returning them to your canine pal.

Follow these tips to ensure that your dog is not a potential hazard for your home’s newest and most important addition. With the right coaching and a period of adjustment, your pooch will continue his streak of being man’s best friend once your baby has arrived.