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Dettol Original Anti-Bacterial Surface Disinfectant Liquid Trigger 500ml

Dettol Citrus Disinfectant Surface Spray 450ml

Dettol Rose Antibacterial Power Floor Cleaner 3L

Dettol Antiseptic Disinfectant Liquid 2L

Dettol Sensitive Anti-Bacterial Body Wash 500ml - Lavender & White Musk

Dettol Skincare Anti-Bacterial Liquid Hand Wash 1L - Rose & Blossom

Dettol Skincare Anti-Bacterial Hand Sanitizer 200ml

Dettol Original Antibacterial Skin Wipes 40 Count

Dettol Crisp Breeze Disinfectant Spray 450ml

Dettol Original Anti-Bacterial Liquid Hand Wash 200ml - Pine

Dettol Green Antibacterial Power Floor Cleaner 3L

Dettol Surface Cleanser Spray 500 ml

Dettol products are manufactured to help you achieve your home health & hygiene goals. Ensure the safety of your loved ones with gentle care that comes with each pack of Dettol health & hygiene product, that is meant to kill 99.9% of germs and more. Wash off germs and stay protected around the clock.

Kick-start your home cleaning campaign with the power by Dettol multipurpose cleaners. Leave behind no surface dirty and no stain hidden. Safeguard your health and of those around you with our disinfectant spray and antibacterial solutions. Let the germs know who’s the boss? Browse complete range of Dettol products online and shop genuine products with the promise and trust of Dettol.