Covid-19: Children may shed virus without symptoms

As new studies roll out, a darker side of this pandemic unfolds...but are we ready to understand the risks and factors?

7 months into the pandemic and we are still unable to completely comprehend the hidden secrets of this virus. With each passing day, scientists around the globe are making new efforts to understand this contagion on different levels. So far, we have been able to identify quite a few things but the reality is that differentiation of multiple behaviors within the same virus is quite a challenge to deal with.

A reinfection

In the early days, the World Health Organization (WHO) and other health authorities were trying to figure out how the virus spreads and issued various guidelines on the protective measures but now, some of those guidelines have been deemed invalid by the same authorities. Identification of distribution patterns is yet another dilemma to deal with. As if this wasn’t enough, Hong Kong has recently documented its first case of COVID-19 reinfection, yes!

People around the world were shocked by this news because there was a general consensus on the conclusion that a person can’t be reinfected if he/she recovered from virus in the recent past. Well, studies are going on and this is still the only documented case so let’s wait for further research.

What about children?

Among this unprecedented chaos, another study has suggested that children are able to infect and transmit virus to others without displaying symptoms. Now how bad is this? But let’s be honest here. That’s how pandemics work. A disease is declared as a pandemic when it is spreading all over the world. In order for a disease to spread over the world, it has to spread rapidly, contagiously, and with mediums that are easily available.

It would be wise to say humans are the fuel of such diseases because normally pandemics are cause by a virus or bacteria and in the absence of a host, these can’t survive and wither away. It was estimated back in 2019 that approximately 70% of the World population will be affected by this disease. Why the precautions then? Why the masks? Why washing hands with bar soap and water? So that you can be in the 30% who will remain unaffected by this atrocity.

What does the study say?

Children are innocent and can’t protect themselves the same way as adults owing to low intelligence levels or inability to comprehend the situation. Well, they are called children for some reason. The study carried out in South Korea depicted that out of 91 pediatric patients, a fifth of those who remained asymptomatic and half of the symptomatic ones continued to shed virus even after their tests came back negative.

This is not how germ distribution works, does it? No, in the case of novel coronavirus, nothing is certain. However, one thing is confirmed that maintaining good hand hygiene is going to kill the virus on your hands and curb the spread of the disease, so keep following this advice.

The questions

Asymptomatic children were considered as potential key vectors due to the virus shedding. However, it raised questions about effectivity such as whether the testing platforms that yielded positive or negative also told about the enough genetic material required to affect someone? Another question was whether the asymptomatic pediatric patients are shedding the same amount of transmission material as those without symptoms?

Such findings could definitely affect the public health and along with it the quality of life as determined by health authorities. Testing for antibodies should also determine the number of individuals who have cleared the virus without displaying no or mild symptoms but is that being done? There are a lot of questions that come with this study and which should be answered by concerned authorities but as for us, the common people, it is smart to take precautions and follow advice so that the germs might not get to us.

When it comes to children, it is equally or more important to follow the instructions because they can’t fathom the risk associated with it. Make sure that they are washing their hands and if any such facility is not available, they are sanitizing their hands with an alcohol based hand sanitizer.

So this is all about understanding the risks and factors associated with children shedding virus. If you still have any questions, you can contact us right away. We’ll be more than happy to help you out.

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