Month of October – Breast Cancer Awareness 2020

All of us need to come together, understand, and spread the word that breast cancer awareness can save countless lives

Each year people and organizations around the world come together to celebrate October as breast cancer awareness month in order to instil awareness in people and in a hope to better prepare them against this dangerous disease.

Breast cancer is one of the most common cancers prevalent in women around the world and claims countless lives each year due to uninformed decisions. The thing about cancers is that these are extremely dangerous if left untreated and in one way or another leave lifelong effects for people, if not causing death. One should understand that there is nothing more important than diagnosing cancer early especially when it comes to managing complex tumors.

Benign growths and Cancers

For those of you who don’t know about cancers, there are two types of neoplastic growths that can occur in your body i.e. benign or cancerous. Benign growths are not dangerous, don’t grow rapidly, don’t invade structures, and these don’t metastasize. Many times surgeons don’t even recommend removing these growths but when it comes to dealing with cancerous growths, the treatment protocol is quite different.

The five year survival rate

The prognosis of each cancer treatment is determined by the survival rate of the cancer patient.  Surgeons by looking at multiple pre-operative and postoperative factors, determine whether the patient will successfully live through upcoming five years or not. The five year survival rate highly impacts the decision making and treatment procedures.

Cancer with a low survival rate can be associated with poor prognosis and subsequent dangers. Likewise, cancer with a high survival rate can be linked with a good prognosis and elevated quality of life. Mesothelioma, pancreatic cancers, and brain cancers can be regarded as cancers with low survival rate and thyroid cancer, testicular cancer, and melanoma of skin are the cancers with a high survival rate.

The time factor

We shared all of this information with you so that you can better understand that time is of essence here and plays a great role in determining the outcome of this disease. Cancers progress by stages and with each stage they become more and more dangerous, making it harder for doctors and healthcare professionals to treat and save lives.

Breast cancer awareness

Authorities like centers for disease control and prevention (CDC) and World health Organization (WHO) have been asking people around the world for years to play a role in breast cancer awareness. You should learn from your doctor how to take a breast exam yourself.

There are many videos and tutorials available online too which can help you learn the techniques and spots to look for. Self-breast exam should always be learned and performed first under supervision and then alone so that you can know if you are doing it right.

Being a woman is a symbol of courage and toughness but still the society needs to take care of them by acknowledging their health problems and acting proactively.

Display of Pink

People around the world wear pink color, light buildings in pink, and display the pink color in the whole month of October to raise awareness. If people are aware of this disease, they will regularly get a check-up and ultimately end up saving themselves and their loved ones. Remember, it’s treatable…

Breast cancer diagnosis

There are a lot of ways through which breast cancer diagnosis is made. However, often it is a combination of all these medical and radiographic aids that helps make the final decision. Because this disease can vary and may present differently in particular individuals, it becomes extremely important to use all the methods available.

Doctors may use a breast exam initially to look for any lumps, swollen nodes, or any fixed mass under the skin on breast area. Next step usually would be to take mammogram (X-ray of breast) so as to look for any abnormality.

Moving on, the healthcare professional usually advices breast ultrasound to look for deep structures and solid mass or cyst. Finally, the most definite way of confirming the diagnosis is performing a biopsy. It might be an excisional biopsy or an incisional one where the doctor takes a very little part of the abnormal growth and sends it to the lab for histopathology. There the cells are examined and it is determined whether the disease is a cancerous growth or a benign one. Further, CT scan and MRI can be advised to check the extent of the spread.

Breast cancer treatment

In order to tackle and manage cancers, you need proper diagnosis, adequate treatment planning involving radiotherapy, chemotherapy, and surgical excisions. Most of the time breast cancers are managed by the combination of these three treatment procedures. Breast cancer treatment can vary depending on stage, spread, area, quadrant, and other patient factors.

A woman is a mother, a daughter, a wife, a sister, and has countless other roles in our society. So let’s spread this message far and wide so that every woman knows and is aware about breast cancer.

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