Newborn care


Advice and tips for when you bring your newborn baby home

Nothing is as exciting as bringing your newborn baby home. It’s a moment you’ll treasure forever. But it can also be quite a daunting time, especially if you’re new to baby care.

You’ve a lot to think about and protecting your newborn baby from illness and infections will be more important than ever before. That’s why we’re here to help. Read our simple baby care hygiene tips from nappy changing and bathing to feeding to help give your new baby a healthy start to life.

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Nesting During Pregnancy

Anyone who’s been pregnant knows that the nesting instinct is not an old wives tale. It’s real. What else would inspire countless pregnant women to clean the entire house armed with nothing but a...


Bringing baby home

Being new to the world, your baby’s immune system is not fully developed. Until they complete their vaccinations they will need all the help they can get to fight off germs and illness. These simple hygiene tips will help give them the healthy start they need.

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The "Bye, Bye" Bacteria Baby Proofing Checklist

It’s so exciting when baby takes a first step – until you realize all the trouble they can get into now that they’re on the move. Besides typical baby proofing, it’s also important to make sure...


Baby changing

To help prevent nappy rash and stop the spread of germs during nappy changing, good hygiene is essential. But which nappies should you use? And what are the health risks to look out for?

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Bathing your baby

Whether you’re sponge, tub or bucket bathing your baby, bath time is important for the health and hygiene of your little one.


Breastfeeding and bottle feeding your baby

Whether you are breastfeeding of bottle feeding, good hygiene is paramount. Discover our tips for healthy feeding.

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The Complete Guide to Cleaning Your Baby's Toys

Keeping your child's toys clean and disinfected is some of the best but often unheard of advice for new mothers. With a still developing immune system, your baby needs all the help he can get when...


The A-Z of Common Baby Conditions

It can be very upsetting to notice signs of infection or ailments in your baby, especially as a new parent. But rest assured that most conditions are easily treatable if you catch them early...

Diaper Changing Tips

Diaper Changing Tips: Keeping Clean on the Go

Diaper changing can be one of the most challenging tasks in baby care, not least because your baby can get squirmy. Plus, it can get doubly difficult when you’re on the go. Hence,...

How to Clean a Baby Car Seat

How to Clean a Baby Car Seat

Of all the things you imagined parenthood could be, we bet you didn't put ‘Learning how to clean a baby car seat’ high on the list. But that's okay – this chore isn't one you'll...

Preparing for Baby with All Purpose Cleaner

Preparing for Baby with All Purpose Cleaner

If you are trying for a baby, chances are that you on full alert for any signs of pregnancy. When the happy news is confirmed, you switch to battle mode to clean your house and prepare for the new...

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How to Baby Proof Your Cat and Spark a Long Friendship

For expectant mothers who are also the happy owners of cats, the lead up to your new baby’s arrival can be an especially stressful time. Cats are not typically known to be friendly or kind toward...

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Fast Friends: Introducing Dog to Baby

For many of us, our pets are just like children. We have had them since they were puppies, and until now, they have been the only one getting the attention and pampering in the house. But now,...

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Cleaning Tips for Working Moms

Maintaining a clean environment in your home as a new mom who also goes to work can certainly seem like a daunting task at first. Reference these cleaning tips for working moms by...

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Weekly Cleaning Schedules for Stay at Home Mom: Small Changes for Big Rewards

Once your newborn arrives, there are only a few things more important to for a busy mother to plan than a weekly cleaning schedule. A thorough and well thought-out schedule will...

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Tips for New Mothers: Keeping Clean and Pristine

With your baby being so young and vulnerable, it’s important to keep your home as safe and sanitary as possible. But with so much on your plate already, this can sometimes be a lot to ask for. Here...

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New Baby Care Tips: Maintain a Clean Home & a Happy Newborn

Once your baby arrives, cleaning as you know it will change forever. You’ll quickly realize that it’s not just about finding time to clean that changes, but also how it must be done. Having the...

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New Mommy Survival Kit: A Cleaning Kit that’s a Must!

It takes a lot to keep your home clean and it can get chaotic if you don’t have a one-stop shop for all your cleaning needs. Household cleaning can seem like an even more daunting...

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Teething is an exciting time for you and your baby, even if it may cause a few sleepless nights! At around six months old, their toothy grin begins to develop as the first of their milk teeth emerges through their gums. Go teeth! As more appear, you’ll need to recognise the signs of teething and – should they happen – teething troubles. You’ll also need to clean and sterilise anything your baby chews on to reduce the risk from harmful germs.


Potty training hygiene

Learn to recognise the signs that say your child is ready to progress to the potty and how simple hand hygiene, cleaning and disinfecting can keep you and your child safe from bacteria and germs. 


Healthy & Hygienic Feeding

As every parent knows good hygiene, hand washing and proper sterilisation of baby bottles are important for protecting your family. For more hygiene hints and tips, visit Dettol today.

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