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4 Outdoor Surfaces Your Child Probably Touches Often

Be Mindful Of These 4 Outdoor Surfaces Your Child Probably Touches Often

All of us travel through public spaces every day, and are well aware of the health hazards such places pose due to the number of people that come in contact with them. Naturally, we try to protect...

5 Surfaces At School That Could Cause A Health Concern For Your Child

5 Surfaces At School That Could Cause A Health Concern For Your Child

Every mother is concerned about her child, and wants to ensure that he or she stays safe and away from harm. However, we all know that children will be children, and no matter how hard you try to...


Healthy hygiene habits at school

Keep school for learning and banish bugs and germs with our handy hygiene tips to keep schools healthy. With lots of children coming into contact with one another schools can be a place where infections and germs can easily spread so these tips will keep you protected.

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Teen Hygiene Tips

Teenage years are a time of change and some of these changes can also create additional personal hygiene needs. Here's our guide to help your care for your growing childs hygiene needs during this time.


Caring for People at Home

Some groups need a little extra care and attention and a simple hygiene routine can make a particular impact with; the elderly, those in hospital, post-surgary, or those living with chronic conditions.

Germiest Places at School

Top 5 Germiest Places at School

Keeping your kids healthy and free of germs can be tough when they are in school. Schools are hotbeds of infection, and common illnesses like the cold and flu can spread...

Back to School Germs

Back to School Germs & Health Tips

New teacher, new friends, and new knowledge – the beginning of a new school year is full of possibilities, including back to school germs. Read these back to school health...

Stop Spread Germs

How to Help Stop Germs in School

  1. Prevention is the best form of medicine – make sure your children and everyone in your family is up to date on their vaccinations to avoid catching illnesses.
  2. Schedule annual...

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5 Tips for a Clean Classroom

A clean classroom is one of the first steps to stopping the spread of germs and pathogens in schools. Read our Dettol® tips for teachers to a clean and healthy...

Wash Your Hands

Why is it Important to Wash Your Hands

Keeping hands clean is one of the most efficient ways to help stop the spread of germs and keep illness at bay. Read the facts below and learn why it is important to wash your hands...

How to Wash your Hands

How To Wash Your Hands

Hand washing is easy to do and is the best way to help prevent the spread of illness. Learn when and how to wash your hands and get tips on what to teach your kids.


Messy Kids

Messy Kids: 3 Reasons They Come Home from School Dirty

Busy parents all know the extra stress that comes with keeping their precious children looking their best – we say, ‘best’, and not covered in dirt, mud and who knows what else! It is uncanny how...

Classroom Supplies

Classroom Supplies Your Kids Teacher May Need

  • Some parents feel exasperated when their child’s school sends lists asking for classroom supplies. But the truth is that many teachers are forced to pay for some classroom supplies out of...

How To Keep Your Classroom Clean And Eliminate Germs

How To Keep Your Classroom Clean And Eliminate Germs

Is your classroom tough to clean? We have some tips on how to keep your classroom clean by simply making it easier to get a deep clean and get rid of germs. Be sure to check out our other Healthy...

Some Gross Habits That All Kids Have

Some Gross Habits That All Kids Have

Kids. They're still figuring out the world and things like manners and hygiene. It's up to you to keep them healthy and help them learn healthy habits. Because, let's face it, kids have some really...

Monitor Kids Coughing Cover Up Wash Up Tips

Monitor Kids Coughing: Cover Up & Wash Up Tips

If you spend all day with young children, you've probably been exposed to a lot of germs each day. It doesn't help kids to miss school days and a lot of school work when they fall ill and have to...

Healthy Holidays Are Happy Holidays

Healthy Holidays are Happy Holidays

With the summer holidays just around the corner, it’s almost time for some fun in the sun with your family. Being out and about on vacation means it’s even more important to look after yourself and...

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